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Joe Bezotte

lead defensive tactics trainer

Joe is the teams lead defensive tactics trainer teaching the 1441 tactics program. A program he specifically designed to support worship safety teams. He brings over 29 years of law enforcement and security experience.

Joe has been involved with numerous national security events as well as selected and assigned as a dignitary protective agent to flag officers and high-level foreign dignitaries. He continues to serve as a Special Agent in the government sector. Joe has trained in numerous martial arts for over 30 years and is an Advanced Instructor in the Advanced Combat Entry System as well as an instructor for the federal government in: Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Specialized Tactics, Behavioral Intelligence, Non-Lethal Training Ammunition, Legal Investigative Techniques, Physical Fitness, and Use of Force. He has been certified in numerous programs over the years such as Law Enforcement Edged Weapons Tactics (LEEWT) Course, Krav Maga L.E course and numerous military combative programs.

Joe runs Core Security Consulting MN that focuses on defensive tactics for LE and corporate organizations.