Emergency Action Plan Development

It is vital that to any environment that wants to “Plan Prepare and Protect” to have an emergency action plan, but for a non-profit or faith organization this can be daunting. An emergency action plan or EAP is a written document that you will use a pre-determined step that should be taken in an emergency and the backbone of your training and development plan.

Having a plan is a proactive security measure and will protect your church, non-profit and visitors to your building.


Let us build you a process based on simple steps that you can do to plan prepare and protect, if you have a plan already written we can help you review and find ways to grow and test your plan to develop your security ministry further.

Emergency action plans should contain but not be limited to:

  • Active Shooter Response

  • Bomb Threats

  • Emergency Contact/Call Tree Information

  • Emergency Action Responsibilities

  • Evacuation Routes/Procedures

  • Lockdown Procedures

  • Lost Persons (missing/vulnerable)

  • Providing Medical Care

  • Power Outages

  • Securing Property and Equipment

  • Severe Weather

  • Suspicious/Unattended Items Packages

  • Workplace Violence Prevention


Develop your plan with us.