We're Passionate about Security

Kingswood Security is different than most security companies. In working with faith and nonprofit organizations, we understand that security can often conflict with your mission. We are passionate about your mission and take time to understand your values and community. We then work with you to identify and address your risks from a safe and aware place. We have a team of nationally and internationally known subject matter experts that are ready to come alongside your organization to Plan, Prepare and Protect!


Our expertise helps keep your buildings—and people—safe.


Simon Osamoh

Founder & Director

Simon is the founder of Kingswood Security Consulting and the Worship Security Association (WSA). He is a recognized organized crime, terrorism and faith security specialist. Simon spent 14 years as a Detective in England working serious and organized crime cases. In 2006, he worked with the British security services into the investigation of the “liquid bomb terrorism plot” against the U.S, which changed aviation security worldwide.


James Densley Ph.D.

Senior Advisor, Research & Evaluation


Tim Kingsley

Senior advisor & Presenter


Jarret Brachman Ph.D.

director of intelligence


Jim Theis



Behind the scenes...

Our founder and security advisors serve as the face of Kingswood Security Consulting, but behind the scenes is a vast network of security and education professionals dedicated to sharing expertise. These collaborations and extensive partnerships allow us to offer unique training and physical security programs.


"The team have helped us through many security projects and really take time to understand our mission before providing recommendations."

Terri Ashmore, Managing Director, Basilica of Saint Mary