Are your staff prepared to deal with an emergency situation?

If a suspicious person enters the worship center during the service, what will your staff do? If a father is walking in to collect his son from preschool when you know of a lawful non-contact order, what do you say?

Scenario training is the best way to plan, prepare and educate staff and volunteers in how to respond to emergency situations and take appropriate action. Training empowers staff in emergency preparedness to respond to real life events. It will help identify improvements to current policies and procedures. We customize courses to allow participants to go through several safety and security related scenarios with a specific training need in mind.

 Customized scenario training classes Include:

  • Suspicious Behavior
  • Unattended Item’s
  • Medical Incident
  • Non-Custodial Parent at Preschool
  • Distraught Person
  • Aggressive Person
  • Domestic Violence Incident

Training consists of minimal classroom learning with the majority of time spent on building muscle memory in emergency preparedness.

What happens in the scenario training?

Practice, practice, and more practice. The scenario training is designed to take students through a series of exercises to build confidence in responding to an escalated situation. With a maximum of 12 students per class, each student has the chance to participate in a safe, open and non-judgmental learning environment. The scenarios are filmed to provide individualized feedback which can be reviewed in a more private setting, allowing the student to critique their own work outside of the classroom.