In recent years we have seen firsthand how one person, intent on doing harm, can destroy countless lives. It can happen in a flash. Sadly, we live in a time where violence knows no boundaries. It’s in our schools, our places of work, and sadly even our places of worship.  As believers, we place faith in God for protection, but we must also take personal responsibility to keep our communities and our families safe. Now more than ever, we must awaken to today’s threats and realities, and do what we can to plan, prepare and protect.

“Do we have the training we need, and are things as secure as they should be?”

That’s why we’ve developed situational awareness presentations to help equip people just like you to learn how you can protect your church. We teach simple steps on how to recognize and respond to suspicious behavior in the open-door religious worship environment, introduce participants to the key principles of the conversational interviewing and enlighten them to the dangers of this world using lecture, discussions and practical exercises training topics can include:

  • Crime Trends at Places of Worship
  • Biblical Safety Teaching
  • Worship Security Case Studies
  • Layered Security Concept
  • Suspicious Activity Warning Signs
  • How to Approach Suspicious Individuals
  • Security as a Ministry