1441 Physical Tactics

The 1441 physical tactics program is specifically designed to support the needs of security teams assigned to places of religious worship.

The principles, fundamentals and tactics taught in this course address unique issues and provide solutions in how to utilize defense tactics from a position of grace.  

“Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle”

—Psalm 144:1

Our training methodology includes:

Classroom training, hands-on training, scenario based and table top exercises.


Worship Safety Teams Experience:

  • Use of force policy, procedure and law.

  • Mental mindset

  • Physical Tactics

    • Escorting techniques

    • Tactical positioning

    • Equipment options

    • Principles and fundamentals of physical tactics

  • Understanding criminal AND violent behaviors


1441 Tactics is a 2-day 12 -hour program with participants becoming certified for one year with recertification available as a 4-hour class. Continual maintenance training is available and strongly encouraged. 

** Service agreements are available to help support the security ministry mission **

Instructor: Joe Bezotte, Lead Physical Tactics Trainer

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Joe is the teams lead defensive tactics trainer teaching the 1441 tactics program. A program he specifically designed to support worship safety teams. He brings over 29 years of law enforcement and security experience. Joe has trained in numerous martial arts for over 30 years and is an Advanced Instructor in the Advanced Combat Entry System as well as an instructor for the federal government in: Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Specialized Tactics, Behavioral Intelligence, Non-Lethal Training Ammunition, Legal Investigative Techniques, Physical Fitness, and Use of Force.


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